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Professional Mold Removal in Your Premise

7/25/2017 (Permalink)

Professional Mold Removal in Your Premise

Mold in home is a serious problem and one that requires immediate remediation to alleviate the grave health complications that may arise due to exposure to some noxious strains of mold. Black mold is one of the most dangerous strains of molds. Black mold lurks in almost all places affected by water damage. Molds release spores into the air and surrounding water where mold growth develops. As the spores are released into the air, humans can inhale or ingest them. Presence of mold produces a smelly odor, which is awful for the home. If you suspect mold growth in your home or commercial premises, contact a professional restoration company immediately.

Suitable conditions for mold growth

Mold spores disperse easily, and with the right conditions, they grow on almost any surface organic or not. Mold does well in in moist, poorly lit, unventilated areas such as attics wall cavities and in open areas like the bathroom. Signs of mold in home include visible mold growth and humidity coupled with a musty odor. If you recently experienced flooding, a server leak or any water damage your home stands at risk or mold growth and even mold damage. Sometimes unexplained allergic conditions can indicate mold in home. If you suspect damage by mold or mold growth behind wall or other inaccessible areas, you should contact a mold removal company immediately.


Mold and mildew have several similar characteristics; both are fungi that grow in warm moist areas. Mildew also grows on a different surfaces including organic substances such as food, paper and inorganic surfaces in your shower. Like the mold fungus, no homeowners like mildew in their home. However, for identification purposes it is important to understand that mold and mildew have striking differences in terms of size, texture, and color.

Dry rot

Dry rot, unlike mold, does not develop on the surface. Dry rot is considered a condition in which fungus grow and spread throughout at a fast rate causing the wood to rot from inside. The condition causes the wood to weaken. The fungus, therefore, affects wooden furniture. Like mold, dry rot fungus requires moisture to develop, but is considered more destructive than mold. The rot fungus commonly occurs in humid and muggy spaces such as in the bathroom and basements. It is easy to detect dry rot before it dries up because it also produces musty odor and retains some moisture in the affected areas.

Leave mold remediation to a professional restoration company

Mold remediation is the course of eliminating mold at home or in buildings. Always leave the mold removal process to a mold mitigation company. Mold can affect negatively on your health. A professional mold remediation company is well equipped to handle mold removal safely. The staff of a restoration company is equipped with protective clothing, a full-face respirator, and gloves. Enterprises that specialize in mold damage and mold removal understand how to dispose of items contaminated with mold safely. The restoration company can dispose of wallpapers, carpets, and upholstery for you. Remediation companies know how to reach inaccessible areas for example in the case of mold growth behind wall. For safety reasons, mold remediation experts may recommend the occupants to vacate a house during the mold removal process. This is applicable in an extreme case of mold in home or commercial mold damage.

In the event of mold in home or commercial mold damage, the mold damage experts first inspect the premise to determine mold growth, the kind of mold, and the exact location. They will examine everywhere including carpets, underneath floorboards, tiles, as well as mold growth behind wall. After diagnosis and identifying the extent of mold damage, the restoration company will deploy mitigation measures first by containing the affected area before restoration begins. The mitigation aims to prevent the spores from spreading during the removal process. The restoration companies often use plastic sheets and duct tapes to avoid the spread of spores to unaffected areas. Experts will also advise not to disturb the mold to prevent the spreading of mold spores.

Removal of Spores from air

Restoration experts will then remove spores of mold in the air using an air filtering system that makes use of HEPA filters. This restores the safety of the air in the house. The mold mitigation companies then proceed to the actual process of removing the mold. They use special cleaning compounds to scrub all surfaces. Porous surfaces require more attention than the hard, smooth surfaces. Porous materials such as furniture, fabrics, carpets, and upholstery may need replacement in case of severe damage.

Deodorizing is the final step

All damages by mold including commercial mold damage often cause the air to have a foul or smelly odor. The method of eliminating the smelly odor borne out mold is termed deodorization. Experts have the proper equipment and deodorizing compounds and procedures that they employ for every level of commercial mold damage. Depending on the situation, the deodorization protocols use various masking agents, cleaners, pairing agents, electronic deodorizers, and sealants to fight the odor. Deodorization will fail to achieve its purpose if the mold is not completely removed. In many homes and even commercial mold damage situations, experts may recommend replacement of the HVAC systems if they too are affected by mold damage.

Mold and especially black mold can cause serious health problems to your family. The best mitigation measure to prevent dry rot fungus and mold in home is by keeping the home at dry. Remember to repair any leaking pipes. One of the best mitigation measures for mold and other fungi is to call a restoration company as soon as possible. The company is able to deal with fungi growth including mold growth behind wall. Through deodorization, the mold damage experts will eliminate smelly odor and restore the fresh air condition in your house.
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