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Fire Safety Tips for Pet Owners

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

Supervise your pets around open flames, such as candles or fireplaces.

Tips For Pet Owners On Fire Safety

Your pets are important, cherished members of the family in Hingham, MA. You feed them quality food, get them plenty of exercise and visit the veterinarian regularly. But, have you considered your pets when planning for a fire emergency? Follow the pet safety tips below to keep your best friend safe in a fire.

How To Prevent a Fire

The first step in pet safety is to prevent animals from accidentally starting a fire:

  • When you are away, have puppies and kittens confined to keep them out of trouble. Use a crate or baby gate to shut them in a room without potential fire hazards.
  • Supervise your pets around open flames, such as candles or fireplaces. Extinguish all fires before going to bed or leaving the house. Consider using flameless candles, especially with large dogs or cats that can access where candles are used.

How To Prepare for a Fire

Have a plan ahead of time to swiftly escape the house with your pets, or increase the chance firefighters can rescue them rapidly in your absence:

  • Practice a fire emergency escape plan for your family that includes your pet. Train your pet to come when you call them, even when a smoke alarm is sounding.
  • Research local boarding or pet-friendly hotels in the event that you cannot remain in your home due to a fire.
  • Secure proof of pet ownership and vaccination records in a fire safe box.
  • Put decals on doors or windows informing firefighters what type and how many pets are inside. This part of pet preparation helps emergency crews know to rescue your pet.
  • When not home, contain pets on a lower level of the house easily accessible to firefighters. This saves time in the event of a fire.

Use the prevention and preparation tips above to keep your beloved pets safe in a fire emergency in Hingham, MA. A home fire is devastating, but significantly less so when your family and pets are unharmed. Your house, unlike pets, can be cleaned and restored to pre-fire condition. Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent and a fire restoration specialist to begin the process of restoring your home.

Lightning and Risk of Fire to Your Home

7/2/2021 (Permalink)

Storms occur with little warning and can be especially devastating.

Electrical Storms and The Potential Risks To Your Property

Lightning is one of the most dangerous natural forces in the world, and this phenomenon has the ability to cause significant damage to the homes that it strikes. One of the major hazards that it poses is the threat of lighting fire to your residence. If you are a homeowner in East Weymouth, MA, read on for more information about electrical storms and the potential risks to your property.

How Does It Enter Your Home?

A bolt of lightning will always find the quickest path to enter the ground, and unfortunately, homes can sometimes be part of that path. Your home can be entered in a number of ways.

  • Direct strikes
  • Power, cable, or phone lines
  • Electrical gates or doors
  • Metal pipes

How Do Fires Start?

Once a strike occurs, the risk of a house fire is considerable. A bolt is a current of electricity that can reach temperatures comparable with the surface of the sun. The intense heat is enough to ignite a flame, especially in highly flammable parts of the home, such as the attic or within the walls where insulation is present. Electrical charges can also create dangerous sparks responsible for lighting fire to homes and buildings.

Stay Safe During Storms

Remember, you are within striking distance if you can hear thunder. During storms, stay inside, away from doors and windows, and avoid using items that place you in contact with plumbing or electricity. If your home suffers a strike, contact the fire department to check over your property. If you detect smoke, call 911 and evacuate everyone from the premises immediately.

Electrical storms and strikes can form quickly and wreak havoc in your life by lighting fire to your home. If your dwelling is a victim of this type of blaze, don’t hesitate to reach out to an emergency restoration service to assist you.

3 Tips for Making a Family Fire Escape Plan

3/18/2021 (Permalink)

Prepare your family and yourself in case of a fire in your home.

3 Tips for Making a Family Fire Escape Plan

In the event that a fire occurs in your family's Weymouth Landing, MA, home, it's paramount that you know what you're doing. Everyone needs to be able to exit the house swiftly. In fact, you should only call 9-1-1 and find a fire restoration service once you're safe. So, here are three tips for making a family fire escape plan.

1. Inspect Your Home
The first and most essential step to take when making an escape plan is to inspect your home. Gather everyone that's mobile and take a walk around your house. Look for multiple ways to exit your home from each room. You should also mark every location of the following:

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Smoke Alarms

Complete this step by drawing out your pathways so you won't forget. You can also show this fire preparation map to visitors.

2. Assign a Caregiver
Since you're in a family, chances are that you have young or old individuals in your home. You may also have someone with a disability. If any such people may be unable to find an exit without help, you should assign a caregiver that can provide guidance. You may also want to assign a secondary caregiver in case the first one is unavailable. Make sure that this caregiver knows how to direct this individual in the event that the two are separated. The caregiver should also know the fire escape plan for the assigned individual's room.

3. Find a Meeting Place
In order to round out your escape plan, you'll need to have a meeting place outside of your home. By finding somewhere to meet, you can ensure that everyone will be accounted for quickly. Decide on an area that's easy to find and not too far away. An object like a mailbox or a lamppost is especially helpful, mainly because it provides a more specific spot. Be sure that everyone has this fire escape place memorized and has the ability to reach it.
You may be hesitant to even imagine your family enduring a fire. However, preparing for one is essential. If a home fire does occur, ensure that you'll know what to do.

How Is Damage From A Puffback Removed?

12/31/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Weymouth & Hingham is your local trusted leader in soot damage restoration.

Puffback and Soot Damage in Weymouth, MA

When a furnace misfires, smoke and soot can be released throughout your building. This puffback damage can cause serious destruction to your commercial property. You may be tempted to try cleaning the debris yourself, but it is imperative to call a fire damage assessment professional right away.

What Causes Puffback?

An oil furnace that isn’t operating correctly can leave un-burned oil on the floor and other surfaces. If this oil is ignited, it can cause an explosion.
Common causes of un-burned oil include:

  • Leaks in the piping - Heating oil can drip from leaking pipes when the furnace isn’t running, creating air bubbles in the pipes. When the furnace starts running again, the extra air compresses and pushes additional un-burned oil out of the burner nozzle, causing a furnace puff back explosion.
  • Problems with the burner shutdown - If the oil burner doesn’t operate correctly during shutdown, oil can leak out of the burner nozzle.
  • Insufficient maintenance - If a burner isn’t maintained properly, dirt can prevent oil from combusting properly in the fire chamber. It’s critical to have a professional maintain your furnace at least once a year to reduce the risk of malfunction.

How Is Damage From Puffback Removed?

Since soot from puffback damage is sticky and contains oil, it is very difficult to clean. Soot can work its way into the ductwork and spread throughout the entire property. For these reasons, the damage should always be handled by a professional.

The trained technicians at SERVPRO of Weymouth & Hingham will first assess the damage to ensure that the entire area is addressed safely and thoroughly. The professional team will remove the soot and smoke from all structures and surfaces using advanced techniques and equipment. The area is sanitized and deodorized to remove contaminants and odors. Restoration can take place once all surfaces are completely cleaned and sanitized.

If you are dealing with puffback damage in your building, call a professional to ensure you get your business back to normal as soon as possible.

5 Tips for Burning Candles Safely

12/17/2020 (Permalink)

Lower the risk of a fire in your home by using alternative candles

Here Are A Few Tips For Burning Candles Safely

For many people, it is hard to resist the soft glow and lure of a burning candle. While burning candles may seem innocent, it carries a serious risk of starting a candle fire in Hingham, MA. However, there are several steps you can take to lower your risk of fire while you relax and enjoy the candle’s soft glow.

1. Candle Lighting
When lighting a candle, make sure the wick is centered and standing vertically to ensure the wax burns evenly. If using a match, fully extinguish it before throwing it away. This prevents it from burning items in your trash can. Dipping the matchstick in a cup of water or hold it under a running faucet are good ways to make sure the match is truly out.

2. Proper Placement
Candles should be placed on flat surfaces to prevent tipping over. Be sure each candle is placed in a holder that has enough room to collect molten wax. Always place the candle where you can see it, and never leave a candle unattended.

3. Draft Prevention
Avoid placing candles near open windows, air vents, or fans, where gusts of wind or drafts can carry your flame and cause it to ignite nearby objects and start a candle fire. If you must place a candle near a window, keep the window closed.

4. Manufacturer’s Instructions
If your candle came with instructions, be sure to follow them. Candles can vary based on shape, size, and ingredients, and yours may require extra care.

5. Emergency Preparation
You and other members of your household should be knowledgeable of what to do in the event of a fire. If a fire occurs, leave the house immediately and call 911. Keep contact information for fire restoration services on hand if you need help with smoke cleanup and repairs.
Candles can be beautiful and soothing, but improper use can quickly turn into a candle fire. By following proper safety measures, you can reduce the risk of fire while you enjoy your candle.

Fire Collateral: Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

10/26/2020 (Permalink)

Smoke penetrates everything — drywall, office furniture, carpeting, clothes, even hard surface counter tops

Here's Why

Not all commercial fires in Weymouth, MA, cause structural damage. For instance, a nearby blaze can cause a heavy smoke odor to permeate and linger in your place of business. It can't be "aired out," and it doesn't disappear with time. Smoke penetrates everything — drywall, office furniture, carpeting, clothes, even hard surface counter tops. It can result in equipment damage — especially to electronics and computers — and deposit soot on walls, ceilings and other veneers. If you're ever faced with smoke damage or odor, it's in your business' best interest to rely on the smoke cleaning expertise of fire restoration professionals. 

Specialized Cleaning
Fire and smoke experts use the latest in industrial grade machinery and specialized cleaning solutions to permanently rid your premises of any trace of smoke. This bespoke process can include cleaning your heating and air conditioning systems and removing soot accumulations from every nook and cranny. Specialists employ highly effective smoke neutralizing equipment, never coverup fragrances.

Air filtration devices (or "air scrubbers") draw in fouled air and remove odor-causing contaminants by using HEPA filters, carbon filters or others treated specifically for in-depth smoke cleaning.
Ozone machines infuse an ozone compound throughout the affected areas to oxidize smoke residue and eliminate fire's distinctive smell.
Using heat and pressurization, thermal foggers release tiny, deodorizing droplets that nullify smoke odor. A cleansing fog develops then dissipates, leaving your space freshened and ready for the business of business.

Time Is Money
When you temporarily close your business for smoke cleaning, you're incurring lost income and ongoing fixed expenses over the length of the closure. When working with a smoke remediation service, you gain the money-saving advantage of time. Trained technicians can rapidly clean and deodorize your business space in hours or days in a process that would require weeks or months of your time if you opted for a do-it-yourself approach.
The bottom line? When you choose professional smoke remediation services, you can be assured of quality, “Like it never even happened,” results.

4 Flameless Alternatives to Traditional Candles

9/16/2020 (Permalink)

Battery-powered candles are a natural step to take if you want to reduce your candle fire risk

Alternative Candles

You love the ambiance they create and you adore the way they make your home smell, but the open flames make you nervous. If you have small children or pets at home, keeping lit candles around your house can be risky. Luckily, there are several flameless candle alternatives available, so you can keep the ambiance you love while also lowering the fire risk for your home in Weymouth Landing, MA.

1. Electronic Candles
Battery-powered candles are a natural step to take if you want to reduce your candle fire risk. Electronic candles can provide your home with the same low-light ambiance, but they usually don't have any unique fragrances.

2. Wax Warmers
These nifty devices slowly melt candle wax over a hot plate, as opposed to burning it with an open flame, like a regular candle. Many come with programmable timers that shut the hot plate off after a certain amount of time.

3. Reed Diffusers
Reed diffusers are perfect candle alternatives for your home if your main priority is generating a pleasing fragrance. They use essential oils and are extremely low maintenance. All you have to do is place the sticks in the vessel and let the reed diffuser do all the work. There's no heat, fire, or any other type of hazard involved.

4. Essential Oil Diffusers
Essential oil diffusers are the most multi-functional devices on this list. They release a pleasing scent of your choice, as well as serve as a humidifier during the cold, dry months. The only downside is that they don't produce any light.
Replacing your traditional candles with flameless alternatives is the easiest way to prevent a candle fire. Normal candles generate flames that can pose a fire hazard to nearby combustibles, such as curtains and other furniture items. Your risk increases when you add rambunctious kids and/or pets into the mix. Protect your home by opting for one of the above candle alternatives. Remember to contact fire remediation experts for more information, or if your home has recently suffered a candle fire.

The Complete Process of Fire Cleanup

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

After a large fire, it is often necessary to board up windows

The fire cleanup process has many steps. Each fire is different, of course, and a fire remediation company needs to be able to adapt to the situation, but the broad outline of the process is similar. After the flames have been put out, the company likes to arrive Faster to any Size Disaster to begin working on smoke damage and other problems. The first stage involves a rapid inspection and assessment of the property. This gives technicians a good overview of the situation. After a large fire, it is often necessary to board up windows and doors and to place a tarp over a damaged roof. This secures the property against further damage.

Taking Care of Soot Damage

Some fires have few flames, yet create a lot of smoke damage. This damage infiltrates a large area of the property and often creates unpleasant odors. It also is capable of spreading soot on walls, carpeting, flooring, windows, and electrical devices. It can even affect the following items:

  • Money
  • Documents
  • Blueprints
  • Paintings
  • Titles and deeds
  • Product inventory

An experienced fire cleanup company will go beyond basic cleaning. It will employ pretesting on items to see if they can be cleaned. If the answer is yes, technicians will use such methods such as dry cleaning, immersive cleaning, and smoke cleaning to restore valuable items.

Handling Smoke Damage
Not all companies have the ability to deal with eliminating the odors and fine particles of smoke. Sometimes a job requires highly-trained specialists. A fire and smoke restoration technician is trained in the latest principles of smoke cleaning. An odor control technician has the latest equipment to get out smoke odors. An upholstery and fabric technician is certified to remove smoke damage from porous materials. All of this is needed to return a property to excellent condition after a fire. Getting rid of the impacts of fire calls for a comprehensive approach.

Prevent a Candle Fire by Following These Safety Tips

6/8/2020 (Permalink)

Treat all open flames carefully

You can use candles for multiple purposes, from lighting a room to unleashing a refreshing scent. However, it is important for you and others to handle them with extreme care, as it can be easy to create a candle fire that escalates fast, destroys your property, and requires the service of emergency restoration services. Protect your North Weymouth, MA home from this threat by following these candle safety tips.

General Candle Tips

The safe use of candles mostly involves common sense. Still, you should review some of the basics in candle safety.

  • Keep lit candles at a reasonable distance from flammable objects
  • Place candles in a stable surface or base
  • Tie up long hair and put away loose clothing before lighting a candle
  • Always extinguish candles before you leave a room
  • Never let the candles burn all the way to the end

These basic tips prevent potential harm, damage, and the need for smoke cleanup. You can enjoy the benefits of candles with reduced risk.

Candle Alternatives
Despite candles' many functions, there are many situations where alternatives are preferable, eliminating the possibility of a candle fire. When the electrical power is gone, you can always prepare battery-powered flashlights and other lighting options that do not use an open flame. Flameless and LED candles offer the same atmospheric lighting without the fire risk. If you want to bring a pleasant smell to a room, there are essential oils and diffuse sticks that have the same effect.

Religious Candle Use
Certain situations absolutely require candles such as religious events and ceremonies. The general candle safety rules still apply here, but there are also some specific suggestions. For instance, people lighting multiple candles can light one and dip their unlit ones into it. Glass containers should enclose continuously-lit candles. Adults must supervise children using candles and encourage alternatives for them.
Candles can be handy, but they can also be major fire hazards. Prevent a potential candle fire by using them safely or replacing them when possible.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process Explained

5/14/2020 (Permalink)

A fire damage restoration process can be applied when reversing fire damage in your home or business. You can hire a fire damage restoration company if you want to quickly deal with commercial fire damage. Such companies offer a wide range of commercial fire damage services like fire cleanup after fire in home.

Recommended process for addressing the problem of fire damage in your home or business:

Contacting the Restoration Company

In case of a fire in home or fire in business, the first thing to do is to contact a restoration company for emergency response. Massive smoke smell and smoke damage resulting from fire in business or fire in home can only be controlled by a professional restoration company with experience in fire cleanup. In some instances, you may be required board up to stop future commercial fire damage. Therefore, fire damage needs emergency response services.


Assessment of the level of commercial fire damage is a very important step in the restoration process. The process involves determining the distance of travel by the soot or smoke, the level of smoke damage, and the smoke smell. The restoration company can only estimate the cost of restoration and design an appropriate fire cleanup plan after damage assessment. Moreover, one can only estimate the time it will take to restore the fire in business or fire in home damage through the assessment process.

Sealing Services

Smoke damage and smoke smell can be prevented from spreading to other areas in a fire in business or fire in home incident by sealing all the openings and leaks. For example, wall and roof openings may lead to water damage during a rainy season. For successful fire damage restoration to occur, it is important to seal all openings. Therefore, fire damage restoration is highly dependent on water damage restoration. Massive damage can be caused by a burst water pipe or tank in a fire incident.

Fire damage Clean-Up

It is important to clean away smoke, dust and soot damage during a fire cleanup process. All the surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned as part of restoration. It is important to look out for smoke damage, dark surfaces, stained surfaces as well as charred items. The only way to restore normalcy and clear the smoke smell is by cleaning up the affected property. After fire in business or fire in home, it is advisable to remove all standing pools of water by using a submersible pump. Soot damage and smoke odor are removed from the room by drying and sanitization the affected area. Moreover, bad order and soot damage can be removed by carpet cleaning. Soot and smoke odor can spread to adjacent rooms, and that is why the rooms should also be cleaned immediately. As a future precaution, you may be required to board up walls.

Repair and Renovation

The best way to ensure complete and successful restoration is by ensuring that all the damaged furniture and items are repaired. Replacement of damaged cabinets is a very important process in fire damage restoration. However, those that are not badly damaged can be repaired. Renovation services are offered by most restoration companies for clients that need to renovate their property. As mentioned earlier, you can decide to board up your walls to avoid future destruction. The renovation process may involve coming up with a completely new design of the business premises or home that may be more appealing to the owner as compared to the previous design. It is also important to know that you can always benefit from the renovations services that are offered by restoration companies. You can hire extra redesign and renovation services depending on the level of damage.


Apart from offering restoration services, the companies can be a source of information for those affected by fire accidents. You can always ask the experts questions related to soot damage and other fire related damages. Moreover, you can also learn how to board up and the recommended room designs.

What To Know When Preparing a Home Fire Escape Plan

2/24/2020 (Permalink)

The mailbox can be a location where to meet after leaving the home

A Few Things Your Emergency Plan Should Contain

Having a fire escape plan is important for every home in Weymouth, MA. Having a plan in place can help every family member know what to do in the event of an emergency which can in turn help them get out of the home safely. Here are a few things your emergency plan should contain.

1. Know the Exits

One of the first things you should include in an emergency escape plan is a map of your home. This map should note the locations of all possible exits so that anyone in your family can find the best escape route no matter where a fire breaks out. Teach them how to open any windows or fire ladders of applicable as well. You may also want to practice various escape routes with your family to help ensure they know where to go and how to get there safely.

2. Know Where to Meet

A fire escape plan should also include a safe place to meet up after leaving the home. The location should be a safe distance away from the home at an easy to find location. You may want to consider a street light, a neighbor’s yard, or a mailbox as possible locations. Meeting at a set location ensures that everyone knows where to go even if they are separated from others during the escape.

3. Know Who To Call

You may also wish to consider including important numbers in your emergency plan. These number could include medical professionals you may want to contact, your insurance company, and a local fire damage restoration service who can help with cleanup and repairs.
When making a fire escape plan it’s important to note where the exits are and what the quickest route is to get there. Your family should also know what the designated meeting location is. Also, consider including important numbers in your plan such as medical professionals or a fire restoration service.

Some Items Must Be Discarded After a Fire Even if They Appear Undamaged

11/24/2019 (Permalink)

You should throw away any medicines left in a fire-damaged home

Some Items Must Be Discarded After a Fire Even if They Appear Undamaged

If you are the unfortunate victim of a fire in East Weymouth, MA, you’ll have a handful of things to do once the flames are out. Unless your home has been completely destroyed by fire damage, at some point you will want to sort out what can be saved from what must be discarded. The temptation is to not throw away anything that seems to be untouched by fire, but it may not be that simple.

High Heat Can Play Havoc With Sensitive Items

Many food items subjected to heat just a little higher than room temperature will have to be thrown away. Objects may include edible items stored in

  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Cardboard

All can be spoiled by a combination of soot, toxic chemicals and heat. Plastic may not seem permeable, but when it’s even slightly heated, microscopic pores can open.
You may be surprised to find out that well-sealed items should be considered spoiled and dangerous when exposed to high heat. Properly sealed containers, such as factory or home canning, will spoil when exposed to as little as 100 degrees for about an hour or even 75 degrees for a prolonged period.

Medicines Are Destroyed by Default

You should throw away any medicines left in a fire-damaged home. The plastic won’t keep the smoke damage out, and the heat degrades pharmaceuticals rapidly.

Clothing Can Take a Little More Damage

Any clothing or textiles should be considered on a case-by-case basis unless there are significant toxic chemicals involved. If you have any doubt, throw it away. If it wasn’t directly heat damaged, you could try to clean the item using water mixed with trisodium phosphate. However, follow the directions on the TSP container precisely, since the chemical can be very hard on skin if used improperly.
If you’ve had a fire, contact a professional bonded fire cleanup company in East Weymouth, MA, who can help you from tarp up all the way through the restoration. They can also provide advice on what you can keep and what you should throw away.

Understanding Cooking Fires

10/12/2019 (Permalink)

Regularly clean the stove in your Weymouth, MA kitchen

It Is Important To Always Follow Fire Safety Tips Every Time You Cook

Cooking poses a number of potential dangers to yourself and your home. Gas stoves are often the most dangerous since they utilize an open flame. Ovens and even microwaves can be equally dangerous if they are misused, since certain materials can easily ignite if they are used by mistake. It is important to understand the dangers in the kitchen and to follow important fire safety tips every time you cook.

Avoiding Fires in the Kitchen

It is important to remember that fire cannot always be contained and will spread quickly should something go wrong. As such, following a few simple tips can help you prevent a dangerous situation:

Be aware of your surroundings – Fires often occur when something is sitting too close to the burner or you are wearing lose fitting clothing, so always ensure there is nothing flammable that could interact with the stove burner
Regularly clean the stove and oven – A grease fire can happen when residue from past meals ignite, so avoid this with regular cleanings
Do not multitask – Cooking that is left in the kitchen unattended can cause a fire that would have been avoidable had you been present to see it begin, so stay in the kitchen and focus on your cooking rather than tasks in other parts of the house
Know what to do if a fire starts – Our instinct is to throw water on a fire, but cooking fires are often caused by grease which needs to be suffocated with a frying pan lid, as water will cause it to spread very quickly

What to do After a Fire

Despite your best efforts, sometimes cooking fires are unavoidable. Remember that even seemingly small incidences can result in hidden fire damage, so it is important to consult fire safety inspectors and, if necessary, a cleanup and restoration company in Weymouth, MA, to ensure there is no lasting damage. Many home fires are avoidable if you follow a few simple tips and tricks when cooking.

How To Safely Use Candles in Your Home

7/21/2019 (Permalink)

Alternative candles - battery operated candles

How To Safely Use Candles in Your Home

A candle fire is a frequent source of fire damage to a house. Between 2012 and 2016, home candle fires caused an average of 770 injuries and 80 deaths each year. This amounted to seven percent of all home fire injuries and three percent of home fire deaths during that span.
Candle fires in your North Weymouth,MA, home can also destroy property. While there are companies that provide smoke and fire cleanup services, you are better off avoiding this fire damage cleanup altogether. That is why you may want to replace the burning candles in your house with safer alternatives, such as:

  • Battery-operated candles
  • Flameless candles
  • Flashlights

Religious Candles

While these alternatives are available, it is hard to avoid lighting religious candles around the holidays. That is probably why December is the most common month for candle fires. Putting open flames too close to decorations can be particularly dangerous.
To prevent a candle fire, make sure to keep them away from children or pets. You should also keep the candles in a sturdy holder away from window curtains or blinds. Avoid passing lit candles from person to person.
Once the lighted taper is placed on the shrine or altar, an adult should watch it at all times. Continuously burning candles should also be enclosed in glass and placed in a metal tray, water-filled basin or other fireproof containers.

Other Tips

All lit candles should be kept at least one foot from flammable items in the home. Use sturdy holders and blow the candle out before it burns all the way down to its container.
Candle fires frequently occur when a person falls asleep while the taper is still lit. Make sure to blow out any candles before you go to bed. You should also avoid lighting them in bedrooms.
To avoid the need for smoke cleanup, consider removing all candles from your house. If you have to use them, follow the above suggestions to prevent a candle fire in your home.

What the Process of Cleaning Electronics After a Fire Looks Like

6/27/2019 (Permalink)

Smoke damage in electronics

Steps that May Help You Salvage Your Electronics

Businesses in South Weymouth, MA, use a variety of electronics, from computers to cameras to phones. During an electrical fire, these electronics may be damaged but not completely destroyed. Anything left inside the building can experience smoke damage. Following the next few steps may help you be able to salvage your electronics.

1. Understand Fire Damage

Smoke and soot can penetrate the internal components of an electronic device. All electronic devices are susceptible to the effects of a magnet and not for the better. There is a magnetic charge to smoke that can cause these devices to short-circuit. Beyond the electrical components, smoke and soot are acidic, causing the materials to degrade faster than they normally would. The black film left behind insulates the electronics, shortening their lifespans and overheating their components.

2. Clean Smoke

To start computer cleanup after an electrical fire, unplug the device. Removing the power source is the first step to working on any electronic device. Avoid using the device until the damage has been assessed. The internal damage can become irreversible if the device is used. Warranty records on your devices may save you some additional money if still in effect.

3. Clean Soot

Save your files and documents by removing the memory components. The files on these items can be moved to another computer. Calling a professional computer cleanup service to look at your devices has a better chance of cleaning away the soot and smoke on the devices. Once the damage is assessed, the professional can clean the devices without causing permanent damage. Cleaning them without experience may lead to damage that cannot be reversed or cause short-circuiting.

Electronic device cleaning professionals have a better chance of salvaging the electronics than an amateur. An electrical fire can cause damage not only externally but internally on these devices. A professional knows what to look for, how to clean it and how to help you save money on replacement.

Avoiding House Fires: The Rules of Candle Use

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Don't leave candles unattended

A Candle Fire May Lead to Significant Loss

Who doesn’t love a good smelling candle? Those waxy sticks line store shelves with all those exotic names just enticing you to buy them and bring them home, making your house smell like some rustic northern cabin. While candles are great for setting the mood or creating ambiance, they also present a considerable risk to you and your home. A candle fire may lead to significant loss. Therefore, when using candles, it is a good idea to follow the rules of use.

1. Don’t Leave Candles Unattended

Never leave a lit candle unattended. The small flames on most candles may seem harmless enough, but if you leave the room for even a minute that candle may fall, causing that little flame to engulf your furniture, room or home.

2. Keep Away from Children and Pets

Children and pets likely do not have the capacity to successfully interfere if a candle fire starts. Also, animals and children probably do not have the foresight to understand that playing around an open flame of any kind is dangerous. Therefore, it is necessary to keep candles away from children and pets who are not supervised by a responsible adult.

3. Remove Flammable Items

While it may seem like a no brainer, candles should never be placed near or on top of flammable items. All those Halloween pictures showing a candle on top of a stack of books are wrong, doing so puts you at significant risk for a house fire. Paper and an open flame do not belong together unless it is meant as kindling. The same can be said of fabrics. Be careful where you place candles, and always be mindful.

4. Consult a Fire Specialist

While it may seem like overkill, you can speak with a fire assessment specialist or a fireman in the Hingham, MA, area. These individuals are experienced in fire and smoke cleanup and will likely know the basics of candle safety.

A candle fire is a possibility when using candles regularly. However, it can be avoided by following the rules of candle use and safety.